Sunny Mullins


Sunny Mullins…started “Tickling the Ivories” at age 5 in his town near Cleveland, Ohio.

After spending his earlier years playing in clubs throughout the greater Cleveland arae as part of the 80’s/90’s (Not-So-Boy Band) “WILD THING” (more like a Funk Band with a rock edge), Sunny’s “forever career” began after he landed his first Dueling Pianos gig at the “Howl at the Moon Saloon” located in the famous “Cleveland Flats” on the Cuyahoga River (a river that once caught fire~no seriously it really did!).

Sunny continued on with “Howl at the Moon” in Columbus Ohio, located on the College Campus of Ohio State University in 1996 and eventually made his epic move to CROCODILE ROCKS in Myrtle Beach where “To duel was so totally cool”, in March 1998.

Of course, Sunny Mullins is a die-hard Browns, Indians and Cavs Fan (as most “Cleveland-ers” are). His favorite famous bands include The Eagles, Little River Band, Styx, Van Halen, Zac Brown, Jude Cole and so on, and so on…

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