Clayton Senne

Clayton, a midwesterner to the core, was born and raised in south Detroit. One day he decided he had enough of the ice and snow, packed his things and headed out into the night to the train station still unsure of where his destination would be. Although still a young man, he’s been performing in smoky rooms for 20 years to strangers and friends alike up and down the boulevards and streets of America.
A passionate multi-instrumentalist, Clayton’s ability to find emotion in music is what he lives for and prides himself as a vocal chameleon, although some still say he was just born to sing the blues. Clayton has never stopped believing that his purpose in life is to entertain and bring joy to peoples lives, a feeling that he intends to hold on to.
Clayton is thrilled to be here at CROCODILE ROCKS as the newest member of the team.


  1. MartqaMarta

    Clayton was born in Topeka, Ks and lived most of his life here until he moved to Orlando Fl in 2003. He has never lived in Detroit. I should know, I’m his mom!

    1. Web Master (Post author)

      The piano players provided me with their own bio’s. I have double checked, this is the info I received.


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